Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a method of authenticating apps and services that requires two or more verification factors. Since a user must provide more than just a username and password to log in, security is greatly enhanced.

This article describes the setup of Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). NIOS AG is happy to set up this security feature for you as a customer.

  1. Set up MFA

    To ensure a smooth setup of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we recommend configuring MFA before enforcing multi-factor authentication.
    To set up MFA, visit aka.ms/mfasetup and sign in with your email address and password.
    If MFA is not set up in advance, the following message will appear during the first login after the productive transition to MFA:

  2. Set up the second factor

    After logging in, you’ll be prompted to set up the Microsoft Authenticator App. For optimal security, Microsoft recommends using the Authenticator App.
    If allowed by your IT administrator, you can also choose SMS authentication. Select „I want to set up a different method“ and proceed to step 4.

    Download the Authenticator App using the following link:

  3. Setting Up Microsoft Authenticator App

    Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your smartphone. Open the app, allow notifications, and accept the Microsoft privacy policy. In the app’s setup wizard, choose „Scan QR code“ and scan the code displayed in your browser.
    If you skipped this step in the app, use the „+“ symbol in the top right corner, select „Work or school account“, and then choose „Scan QR code“ to scan the code again.
    After scanning, select „Next“. Enter and confirm the code displayed in the Authenticator App. Upon successful setup, you’ll see the following message:

  4. Setting Up SMS Authentication

    If you prefer not to install an app on your phone, you can choose the phone option (if allowed by your IT administrator). Select „I want to set up a different method“ at step 2 and choose „Phone“.
    Enter your phone number with the appropriate country code (e.g., +41 for Switzerland). Make sure to exclude the leading zero (e.g. 791234567).
    Click „Next“ and enter the code sent via SMS to complete the setup.

  5. Secure Location

    With the assistance of NIOS AG, you can also set up secure locations for MFA.
    In those secure locations (e.g. at the office) you can then log into Microsoft services without the need of MFA.